Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


ESPORTS LINK is an online platform based in Spain and focused for international and national (Spanish) users, no matter their origin. It’s based on the eSports industry, electronic sports, specifically to boost and facilitate professional relationships between players, clubs and hiring scouters and/or analysts. It’s main purpose is to offer a unique tool that optimizes day-to-day professional arrangements regarding search of talent, and it’s vision is to professionalize the industry of eSports, becoming an international reference for professional relationships in the electronic sports, similar to other famous social networks and job-search platforms. The platform is actually in development and growing phase, that’s why the present Terms and Conditions are sustainable to be changed when the platform evolves. In this case, the user will always be notified through the website or through the email given to the organization. The owner and responsible of the website www.e-sportslink.com is MARC PEÑALVER FA, with Spanish ID nº 48137267-S and address in Tarragona, Calle Manuel de Falla 7B-4T-1A (Spain). Regarding intellectual property rights, the same person above is the owner of all elements of the mentioned digital site/platform, both in it’s landing page as in the main site where the user has access to, once registered. ESPORTS LINK establishes to ways of contracting services: ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION and “AD HOC” SERVICES by Micro Transactions. These last, are named in the website: Tryouts, reports and valuations. To use the second modality, the user will always need to be an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTOR (depending on the user). Subscription: The main service of ESPORTS LINK, for which players and clubs may use the platform to find each other for professional purposes. The basic contractual relation in ESPORTS LINK is the ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION for PLAYERS and CLUBS. It will be considered that users accept the present conditions for a period of 365 natural days, once the user is registered (as explained after) and accepts these Terms and Conditions explicitly through the web (click in ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS). Once that period is passed, the subscription will automatically be renewed, unless it is notified by the user to the next mail info@e-sportslink.com his/her wish to end the subscription, proceeding the ESPORTS LINK team to end their mutual contract. Tryouts, reports and evaluations: the platform allows different possibilities such as tryouts to enter in professional clubs, players analytics, experts evaluations and geographical areas analysis to scout top players (made in demand). The person/entity organizing these tryouts, reports/evaluations, analysis, must organize it through ESPORTS LINK platform and through the provided methods. This part will be named the ISSUER. The RECIPIENT, the other part, shall accepts through the platform his/her adherence or will to receive those tryouts, analysis or evaluations. This relation will be only and entirely through the ISSUER and RECIPIENT, being ESPORTS LINK just an intermediary, existing or not, ´monetary compensation. In case to be a compensation, ESPORTS LINK, holds the right to receive a commission fixed below. Below, the type of users and all related to their specific terms and conditions: Previous: the platform and the project are in development phase. Therefore, in regard to the prices, type of user and way to access to the register, ALL users registered in ESPORTS LINK, will be: a) in quality of PREMIUM, both if they are players or clubs/staff; b) with no cost (in the subscription), and c) They will be registered by no limited direct invitations provided by the ESPORTS LINK team. Once finalized this “free” period, the correspondent notification will be done to all users, stating the end of the free phase, ruling the next conditions: Annual subscription contract. Registry: Access thorough www.e-sportslink.com/register Select type of user: player, club or staff. User name: alias or real name. Email Password Confirm password Annual fee payment of subscription (see in “prices” document), in case it’s a user under this condition. What those the subscription give/allows to the user ESPORTS LINK gives an annual, worldwide, free of royalties, non-assignable and not exclusive, revocable and not to be sub-licensed to access and use the Service. This license is given with the unique purpose of permitting using and enjoy the Service as stated in ESPORTS LINK and permitted by the present agreement. Therefore, you are compromising to not: Using the service or whatever other content in the Service with commercial means without our express consent. Copy, modify, transmit, create works resulting from, making use of, or replicate in any way, material or images with intellectual rights (copyright), commercial brands, commercial names, service brands or whatever other intellectual property, contents or reserved information accessible through the Service, without ESPORTS LINK written consent. Using robots, bots, spiders, trackers, scrapers, searching apps for proxies or other devices, usage of manual or automatic methods to access to, recover, index or mining data or whatever other way, reproduce or avoiding the navigation structure or presentation of the Service and/or it’s content. Using the Service in a way that could interfere, interrupt or affect negatively the Service or the servers or social networks connected to the Service. Uploading viruses or malicious codes or putting in danger in whatever way, the security of the Service. Falsify headings or manipulate in other ways the identifiers to disguise the origin of whatever information transmitted on to or from the Service. Framing or reproducing whatever part of the Service, with no previous and written authorization of ESPORTS LINK. Using meta labels or codes or other devices that contain whatever reference to ESPORTS LINK or to it’s Service (including registered brand, commercial brand, service brand, logo or slogan of ESPORTS LINK), directed to people or other websites for all purposes. Modify, adapt, sub-license, translate, sell, inverse engineering, decipher, decompile or disassemble in other ways, any part of the Service or allowing others to do it. Using or developing any third-party applications that interacts with the Service or it’s content or information from other users without ESPORTS LINK written consent. Using, accessing to or publishing the application programming interface of ESPORTS LINK without our written consent. Investigate, scan or proof the vulnerability of our Service or whatever system or network of ESPORTS LINK. Encourage or promote whatever activity that violates the present Agreement. The ESPORTS LINK responsible may investigate and adopt whatever legal action that may be to his disposal, in response to illegal usage and/or non authorized uses, including users ban from the Service.

Rights granted by ESPORTS LINK:

When creating an account, you grant ESPORTS LINK a worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, free from royalties right and license to organize, store, use, copy, show, reproduce, adapt, edit, publish, modify and distribute information that you allow to access from Twitch, Twitter and the accounts from the videogames registered. Also, whatever information you publish, show or in all means, make public collectively in the Service (i.e.: posts in the Service or content in the Service you show). The License of ESPORTS LINK with your content will be non-exclusive, but exclusive when content made through the Service. For example, ESPORTS LINK will have exclusive license on images from the service included in your Content. Furthermore, to avoid unappropriate use of the your Content out of the Service, you authorize ESPORTS LINK to act in your name regarding bad usage of your content, done by other users or third parties. Our License for your content is under it’s correspondent ruling or law (for example, data protection laws) and only for it’s limited purpose of development, functioning and improvement of the Service, as well as investigation and development of others. You accept that all Content posted or used in your account or the one you allow us, may be viewed by other users or people that visit or participate in the Service (such as people that may receive shared content from other users from ESPORTS LINK).

You accept that all the information given when creating your account, including League of Legends (or other videogames), Twitter, Twitch, is exact and true, and you have the right to publish the Content in the Service and give to ESPORTS LINK the license above mentioned. You understand and accept that ESPORTS LINK may control or check whatever Content you public as part of the Service. Also, erasing content in it’s totality or partially, that may violate the present Agreement or may damage the reputation of the Service. When attending our customer services, you compromise to be respectful and kind with them. If we may think your behavior towards them or other ESPORTS LINK workers may be offensive or threatening, we reserve the right to immediately ban your account permanently. In compensation for the authorization that ESPORTS LINK conceives to use the Service, you accept that advertising and publicity of ESPORTS LINK or third parties or affiliates may be posted in the platform. When sending commentaries or suggestions to ESPORTS LINK regarding our services, you accept that we can use and share that information for whatever purpose without needing to compensate for that. You accept ESPORTS LINK can have access, preserve and share information in your account and it’s content if the Law says so, or if, in good faith, it is considered that the access, preservation and sharing is reasonably necessary, such as: i) enforce legal proceedings; ii) enforcing the present Agreement; iii) answering to content violation third parties rights in case of reclamations iv) answering tu requirements to the customer service department; or v) protecting rights, property and security of the Company or whatever other person.

Limitation of responsibility: Until where the applicable legislation allows, neither ESPORTS LINK nor their affiliates, employees, licensers or providers of services will be responsible of the indirect, consequent, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including, without limitation, the loss of benefits, both directly and indirectly incurred, any loss of data or other intangible losses, that are result of: (I) the access to or usage of or impossibility of access to the service; (II) The conduct or content of other users or third parties in, through the use of the service; or (III) access, usage or non-authorized alterations of the content, even if ESPORTS LINK had been let known of said damages.

The total responsibility of ESPORTS LINK for all claims related to the service will not exceed in any case the amount paid by you, in case you have paid any amount to ESPORTS LINK for the service while you have an account.

Rules of the community

In using the Service you compromise to not:

Using the Service for no purpose that is illegal or is prohibited in this same Agreement. Using the Service for any harmful or infamous purpose. Using the service with the means of causing harm to ESPORT LINK. Violate our Community Principles, which are updated from time to time. • Violate our Community Principles, which are updated from time to time. Send spam, request money from or defraud any user. Impersonate another person or entity or publish any image of another person without his permission. Intimidate, “stalk”, assault, harass, mistreat or defame anyone. Post any Content that violates or infringes on the rights of any person, including advertising, privacy, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property or contractual rights. Post any Content that is hateful, threatening, sexually explicit, or pornographic; incite violence; or that contains nudity or graphic or free violence. Post any content that encourages racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual. Request passwords for any purpose, or personally identifiable information from other users for commercial or illegal purposes, or disseminate someone else's personal information without their permission. Use another user's account. Create another account if we have already terminated your account unless you have our permission.

ESPORTS LINK reserves the right to investigate and / or terminate your account without refund of purchases made if you have violated this agreement, misused the Service or behaved in a way that ESPORTS LINK considers inappropriate or illegal, including actions or communications that occur outside or within the Service.

7- Standard player a. Subscription duration: yearly b. Payment method: there is no free subscription. c. Registration verification: once registered, an email is sent from the ESPORTS LINK server to the account provided by the user to verify by accepting it, by clicking on "verify".

8- Premium Player a. Subscription duration: yearly b. Payment method for subscription: transfer via PayPal c. Registration verification: once registered, an email is sent from the ESPORTS LINK server to the account provided by the user to verify by accepting it, by clicking on "verify".

9- Standard club a. Subscription duration: yearly b. Payment method for subscription: transfer via PayPal c. Registration verification: the verification of entities is carried out manually by ESPORTS LINK promoters, directly contacting the registered person belonging to the entity, by message or private call via Twitter, Linkedin or via telephone.

10- Premium Club a. Subscription duration: generally, it will be yearly, however, subscriptions can be made, prior agreement with ESPORTS LINK of a specific duration. b. Payment method for subscription: transfer via PayPal c. Registration verification: the verification of entities is carried out manually by ESPORTS LINK promoters, directly contacting the registered person belonging to the entity, by message or private call via Twitter, Linkedin or via telephone.

For users residing in the European Union, the European Economic Area or elsewhere, the Spanish Legislation, to the exclusion of those rules that conflict with those of the country in which the user resides, will apply to any conflict that arises of or related to this Agreement or the Service. For any question of post-sale service or incidents that the user may have related to ESPORTS LINK, please contact via info@e-sportslink.com and we will contact you.


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